GoPro Action Cam vs Fitfort 4k Action Cam

GoPro vs Fitfort Comparing the Fitfort 4k Action Camera against the latest GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro Hero 6 camera models. Video Resolution: The Fitfort can capture video at up to 4k/25fps whereas both GoPros are going to come in with higher frames per second with 4K/60fps (Hero6) and 4k/30fps (Hero5). Photo Resolution: The Fitfort offers 12MP picture resolution, which is the same […]

Car Camera

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a DashCam Insurance Benefits. The most obvious reason is to get a dash camera is for insurance purposes. … Avoid Fraud. In the same vein as avoiding car-on-car accidents, dash cameras are also a great tool for avoiding insurance fraud involving pedestrians. … Record Roadtrips. … Improve Driving Skills. … […]


Nextbase Bikecam To all bikers out there why not protect yourself with a helmet cam Its not just about catching the incredible footage of those mountain descents. I’m talking about recording incidents of road rage, near misses, acts of aggressive, dangerous or inconsiderate driving.Camera footage could be used in court to protect you. Be careful […]