Nextbase Bikecam

To all bikers out there why not protect yourself with a helmet cam Its not just about catching the incredible footage of those mountain descents. I’m talking about recording incidents of road rage, near misses, acts of aggressive, dangerous or inconsiderate driving.Camera footage could be used in court to protect you. Be careful out there Peeps.


For car drivers, it’s true to say the dash cam market is booming right now. From relying on footage taken for insurance reasons owing to prangs, to recording those funny moments on the road we could only once recall to our friends and family from memory, with the hope they actually believe what we’ve seen.

For bikers however, the dash cam market has obviously been somewhat limited to helmet cams. Helmet cams have useful over the past few years and have certainly increased in popularity, but now a new kid on the block has entered the market by way of the world’s first dash cam for bikes – the Nextbase bike camRIDE motorcycle dash cam.

With a fully waterproof IPx6 housing, the Nextbase bike cam RIDE is designed to clamp onto the handlebars, so it easily follows where you’re heading as opposed to where you’re looking, allowing for the road to remain its main focus during any journey whatever the weather.

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