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Car Camera

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a DashCam Insurance Benefits. The most obvious reason is to get a dash camera is for insurance purposes. … Avoid Fraud. In the same vein as avoiding car-on-car accidents, dash cameras are also a great tool for avoiding insurance fraud involving pedestrians. … Record Roadtrips. … Improve Driving Skills. … […]

car camera singapore

The humble dashboard camera — or dash cam for short — has become an essential component of every Singaporean’s collection of vehicular gizmos the past couple of years. With dozens of dash cams on the market that can range from cheap-ass, low-res devices to high-end, military-grade tools, the prices don’t matter when the captured footage may […]

Thinkware x550 car dashcam

What is the Thinkware X550? The Thinkware is a Full HD dashboard camera. Its specifications might not excite, but it promises decent low-light image quality and some other tricks to boot. It also supports an additional rear camera, so can potentially supply evidence of events taking place behind you as well as in front. But […]